About Me

Ever DREAMED of becoming a DIGITAL NOMAD?

LEAVE BEHIND the cycle of overworked and underpaid?

Have the ABILITY to watch a beautiful sunset from anywhere in the WORLD, while still creating an income as a digital entrepreneur?

I sure did… every… single… day.

But I asked myself… how could I do that? I had no idea where to start.

After basically giving up, a post popped up on my feed.

On a last ditch effort, I checked it out and holy noodle, THIS WAS IT…
…a chance for me to utilize me… myself… my lifestyle to build and grow my OWN business using the www!

Before I dive into the all the deets I want to share a little bit about myself.

My name is Rob Monette and and I have “missed the mark” in basically everything I have tried in my life.

I tried everything from working construction, cleaning contracts, sales representative, starting my own business. The list goes on…

But nothing seemed to work out and there was never ENOUGH.

Enough time, money, happiness. I felt out of control because nothing I did ever seemed to work out for me in any aspect of my life.

And then the realization that each year seemed to be flying by faster than the last…

My life was becoming nothing but distant dreams.

My heart hurt. I knew there had to be something that aligned with my day dreaming.

Drained, I kept day dreaming of my nomad life I wanted so badly… wishing I were somewhere else….

Taking month long trips to the growing list of places on my bucket list.

Exploring every back road, mountain, river and ocean I could with no agenda.

Relaxing on beaches.

Spending quality time with my family and friends.

Seeing myself smiling more, laughing more… enjoying life more..

… You know? Somewhere else.

So back to that holy noodle, THIS IS IT moment!…

When I read that post about the opportunity to grow and build my own business using the world wide web whilst being able to have control of my life I’ve never nodded my head so hard “YES!”

The headache was WORTH IT! Hahaha!

So, what did I do? Exactly what the post told me to do…

I commented “YES!” on the post.

I decided to GO FOR IT.

Your turn!

Comment “YES!”

I TOOK ACTION and have becoming a digital nomad!

I was provided with all the step by step training, tools, mentor-ship and coaching to build and grow my own digital business that runs itself at costs that I have full control over scaling as my business keeps growing.

I have met wildly incredible humans that all want to see and help each other succeed and built my own team of amazing entrepreneurs!

Sound good?!

Comment “YES!”

I will reach out to you personally with the details!

I can’t wait to talk to you!

Rob Monette

If you’re tired of working like a slave, building someone else’s empire, while missing out on life, register on the link below.

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