Top 5 Digital Marketing Solutions
That Are Perfect For Any Type Of Online Business

No matter what type or size of business you have, as long as your activities are online, you will have to find some digital marketing solutions and strategies.

This will allow you to sell your products or services to your appropriate audience.

If you’re just starting out, and you don’t have the possibility of hiring digital marketing services from a third party, things can seem much more difficult than they really are.

To help you with this, in this article I will give you 5 digital marketing solutions that will allow you to take your business marketing efforts to the next level.

So without no further ado, read on to find out the online marketing solutions available to you.

Digital Marketing Solutions

5 Digital Marketing Solutions.

1. Paid advertisements: Google ads and Facebook ads.

Ad Example
FaceBook Ads

The world of paid advertising for a brand or business is often one of the most ignored, especially by those businesses that are just starting out and do not want to put a lot of budget into their marketing campaign.

However, unlike other marketing methods that may be free but take a long time, paid ads on Google or Facebook usually give quick results in a very short time.

The method with which Facebook ads work, segmenting the ads shown to extremely specific groups of people, allows your online business to position itself in front of those customers who really have a chance to buy your products. Google ads, on the other hand, only appear as sponsored results on searches that match the content of the ad. So by using this service you’ll always be sure that people who see the ad are people who might actually be interested in your products or services.

Keep in mind that the prices of this type of service are not extremely high. With less than $20 you can create a marketing campaign that can affect your business in a very positive way.

2. Google Analytics.

As you can see throughout the article, the name Google is repeated often since it is the largest search engine in the world. Many of the services they offer are aimed at helping website owners to position their services, or to quantify their impact.

This is the goal of Google Analytics. This free tool, through a WordPress plugin or the insertion of a code on the your  website, will allow you to analyse in a clear and concise way everything related to the performance of your website. Google analytics will allow you to observe, in great detail, the behaviour of your audience while visiting your site, and which pages and features work best on it.

By using all of your Google Analytics data correctly, you’ll be able to tailor your site to your audience’s needs. On the other hand, if you use Google Ads to promote your business, you can also connect both services for free. This will allow you to analyse the performance of your ads. This will be extremely useful when it comes to seeing which ads work and to what extent they are really helping your business.

Finally, it should be noted that Google Analytics offers a variety of marketing tools that go far beyond its primary function. Through this tool you can create customised surveys for specific user groups. You can generate reports about your business. They also have an option to optimise your web design in order to improve the performance of the site.

3. Social media marketing. Buffer and FollowerWonk.

Social media marketing is one of the most important factors in positioning your business in front of your audience. One of the most effective digital marketing solutions for its implementation are precisely: Buffer and FollowerWonk.

Buffer is a tool that allows you, in a single application, to integrate all your social networks and the content shared in them. In addition to this, you can also schedule publications at specific times of the day.

For FollowerWonk, it offers a feature to optimise the time of day in which publications are shared, in order to obtain better results. On the other hand, thanks to a function very similar to what you can have with Google Analytics, the ability to see in real time the performance of all publications on your social networks. A good Social media marketing strategy requires you to use more than one social network to promote your business. Fortunately with these tools you can manage all your business’ social networks in one place. Very useful for saving time and to allow you to direct all your efforts in one place.

Buffer has a free version, but depending on the needs of your business or online company it may be worth your while to purchase one of the paid versions. The more money you pay, the more access you have to data from your networks and analysis tools, as well as the possibility to schedule more publications.

4. Seo and web positioning. SEMRush.

SEO (search engine optimisation), also called web positioning, is one of the most important strategies you should use in your business, especially if you have a blog. Seo, in general and simple terms, is a process that you must carry out in order for your business site to appear among the first results of search engines, especially Google.

SEMRush is one of the best digital marketing solutions, if you want to implement an excellent SEO strategy. This tool, besides helping you compare your business performance with your competitors, is also an excellent option if you want to search for keywords and use them correctly.

Another tool you can use in conjunction is the Google Search Console.

5. Email Marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most decisive ways to achieve sales, build customer loyalty and retain visitors to your site. Its implementation may seem simple, since you only have to create a mailing list. The truth is that it requires a lot of hard work and techniques to convert your readers or customers into subscribers.

To make it easier for you, you can use one of the many email marketing managers on the market. There are some that are free, but in most cases even if you have a small audience it is an excellent idea to use a paid tool. A paid email service provider will ensure that your subscribers get the best service delivered to your customers.

As you will have read in this article, there are a lot of digital marketing solutions and tools that you can use to carry them out in your business. 

Let me know in the comment box below, what tools you are using for your online marketing solutions.

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