Stay At Home Job For Mom

The world we live in is very expensive and changing so fast. Many women are looking for stay at home job for mom so they can be with their kids. Being dependent on someone in this generation is not the best outcome. Having money of your own is always the best feeling ever. You can cover your bills and even your needs all by yourself. You can even invest some, hence making your life easier.

Some moms cannot afford childcare and are confined to search for jobs for homestay moms. If this is your case then there are some of the best ways of making money even when you are at home. This is the easiest for moms because there is no physical work that is greatly required. You can make money with ease. This is when you opt for online jobs. They also pay well making them suitable for the home staying moms. Here are some jobs for moms that stay at home availlable.

Stay At Home Job For Mom

Jobs For Moms Who Stay At Home

Life Coaching

If you are a motivated person and like to help people, this job can be a great fit for you. This can be a well paying job moms. Beside motivation all you really need is a cell phone to create motivated videos and a computer to upload them to a platform like Youtube. Many people are looking for help this way. This is a stay at home job for mom that should not be overlooked!

Design And Sell Wood Pallet Art

Do you have a skill in design? You can integrate you design skill with wood pallets and create beautiful wood pallet arts. Wood pallets are very cheap to get and you can even find some free at hardware stores. You can create beautiful pieces and sell them online. People love hanging bible verses, quotes, and other meaningful information at their entrance door and on walls.

Web Copywriter

A copywriter is a person who writes advertisement text. The web copywriter is the creator of these texts. As we know there are so many firms that want to advertise their products. If you are creative enough then this is the perfect job for you. A web copywriter can also run their business and have clients of their own. This job can be done using a mobile phone to email your work. Interviews are also done by phone which makes it suitable for home staying moms.

Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is someone who would spend time looking at websites and other content on the web such as videos, pictures and so on. They have to evaluate that content according to the rules of the search engine. This could be very good paying jobs for homestay moms. A good paying company I would suggest is Leapforce (appen). If you can get hired by Leapforce you should be in good to live a great life and while caring for you kid. a good thing about this job is that it is very flexible. Another great idea for stay at home job for mom.


This is one of the suitable jobs for homestay moms. Many moms are learning how to make a blog. They can turn their skill into writings and share it with others on their website. Many find this very fun as they make friends while working. When a blog site is well written and monetised, this can bring a good monthly income. You can find endless ideas and information on the net.


Proofreading is another good choice. When you accumulate experience, you become like “eagle eye” and can see grammar mistakes very fast. This job is very flexible thus very suitable for a home staying mom. This job can be done anywhere even when you are travelling. It also does’t require an internet connection. The disadvantage of this job is that it is difficult to build clients when you are first start. It also takes time to earn good money as you will be gaining some experience. You might also need a course to improve your skills. Although it has some negative sides I believe it can be a suitable stay at home job for mom.

Become An Online Tutor

An online tutor always works from home. They normally work through web tutoring services. This service normally serves the colleges and the universities. Students often require some online tutoring on subject they have problem with. They might also use this service to advance in there subject. The online tutor is required to have a degree in the liberal arts field. They are also required to have great skills when it comes to writing. A tutoring job that allows the person to review the writings submitted by the students and write the feedback is always very suitable for home staying moms.

Transcription Jobs

This is one of the typing jobs which are always very good for stay at home job for mom. If you are fast and accurate in typing, then you can do this job. Some companies normally perform a test for the applicants and if you are good at it then you can go ahead and apply. The good thing is that some companies hire people with no experience at all which can be very good for you if you have no experience. This job is always very flexible. Therefore you can do it at your own appropriate time.

Technical Writer

A technical writer always gathers analyses and presents information in a very clear way that can be followed with ease. A technical writer must have good qualities in communication. This is always in the writing form. You must also be able to have some skills and understandings in a specialised subject. This job normally requires you to have some relevant experience. There are some freelancing technical writing that is always available online. This can be the best job for home staying moms. If you have the required qualities then you will be able to make good income from this job.


This involves listening to an audio or watching a video then you transform the information into writing. This is always good for people who can sit for long hours. It also requires patience to listen to an audio or watch a video and translate the information to the writing will take some concentration. This job gives you the ability to earn some income while being at home. This has generated income to some home staying moms that is why I am including this to the list. This might be difficult when starting but when you get used to it you will be able find a good pace and start making some good money.

Use Affiliate Marketing

I know most of us have recommended something to friends and relatives from a certain shop or store. Now you can get paid from this. All you have to do is to recommend something to people online with your affiliate link. When they purchase that item through your link, you get paid. This can be suitable for home staying moms. The problem is that you are not sure of the income you will get. It also requires time as you must be online. It also requires an internet connection. If you can do it then you will be able to make some income.

The good thing is that there are no qualifications needed. So as long as you can give the clients through your link, you will get a commission. When your site has been known then you will be able to make good money. This can be a source of your income if you are staying at home.

Sell T-shirts And Hoodies A Merch By Amazon

If you are good at design, you can design some shirts and even hoodies and sell them on amazon. Merch by Amazon is a free program that enables you to upload your design and earn some royalty. Many stay at home moms are making good money with Merch Amazon.

These are only a few stay at home job for mom ideas that you can choose from. If you like what you do and have fun doing it, money will follow. If you struggle at what you are doing, life will be miserable and you will have a harder time to make a good earning.

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