9 Things To Do Before You Die

Here are 9 things to do before you die inspired from the movie “The Bucket List“.

When the Rob Reiner directed movie, “The Bucket List,” came out in 2007, it inspired thousands of viewers to create their own bucket list of 9 things to do before you die. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson played the parts of the terminally ill men on a quest to complete the things on their bucket list perfectly.

9 Things To Do Before You Die
Bucket List Ideas - 9 Things To Do Before You Die. Image by Renee Gaudet from Pixabay

They made us laugh and cry all rolled into one but mostly they made us have a deeper understanding of what’s truly important in life. Below you’ll find another bucket list with a few items borrowed from their list as it was truly inspired.

Bucket List Ideas – 9 Things To Do Before You Die:

1. Witness Something Truly Majestic and Awe Inspiring

This is a very subjective item and varies for each individual. Some examples might include: view from the top of a massive mountain, a magical sunset over the vast Mohave desert, the view from a high bluff on the mighty Pacific Ocean, the mighty glaciers in Alaska, Stone-hedge, the Great Pyramids, or the view from the top of the Empire State Building.

2. Selflessly Help a Complete Stranger

Helping another person without expecting anything in return can be one of the most uplifting feelings in the world and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. However, once you do it once, you may find it an addictive experience.

3. Help Raise a Child

There is nothing more special than helping to raise a child, whether that child is born to you or not. Even if you don’t have a child or adopt a child, you can still help raise a child by volunteering to be a big brother or big sister to a child in need or just by helping a neighbor child who needs to learn how to read or needs protection after school until his or her parent(s) get home. Even a batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies, a tall glass of cold milk, and just listening to a child can be a significant contribution to raising them in a positive way.

4. Give a Gift You Made Yourself To All the Special People In Your Life

It’s easy to run to the store and purchase a gift with money but if you truly want to show the special people in your life just how special they really are, you may want to consider making them a home-made gift. Focus on each person individually and what would really touch them and make them happy.

5. Laugh Until You Cry (Just Don’t Lose Bladder Control!)

Laughter truly is the best medicine and sometimes the craziest, most unexpected things can tickle our funny bones. Laughter comes easier once you open yourself up to its power and it’s so contagious it’s easy to pass along this bubbly feeling.

6. Do Something Extra Thrilling To Deposit Into Your Memory Banks

It is nice every once in a while to do something that is so thrilling that you get an exhilarated feeling just thinking back on what you did! I’m talking about something so exciting, it gets your heart thumping and your adrenaline soaring. Here are some examples: parachuting from a plane, paragliding along a beautiful coastline, zip-lining through the canopy of a forest, walking a long swing bridge over a deep canyon, and scuba diving with whales, sharks, or manatees.

7. Kiss the Most Beautiful Girl Or Boy In the World

Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that physical beauty is only part of the formula for beautiful. The man played by Jack Nicholson in “The Bucket List” originally intended this item to be beautiful grown woman until he met for the first time the Granddaughter he never knew he had and when he kissed her he scratched this one off his list. The sweetest most beautiful kiss I ever witnessed was between a elderly couple celebrating their 57th anniversary.

8. Witness a Truly Spectacular Celestial Event

There is something about witnessing a truly spectacular celestial event that seems to live in your soul forever. Meteor showers like the Perseid and the Leonid have been known to put on such a dazzling show that people see dozens of shooting stars a minute with fireballs bursting. You can also travel to far northern climates to witness amazing northern lights. There are outdoor natural saunas in Alaska where you can soak in the heated water while watching the ethereal dancing blues, greens, reds, and yellows in the sky. In Finland, there are hotels where the whole roof of the rooms are made of fog-proof glass so you can lay in bed and watch them!

9. Travel Into Outer Space

If you are fairly young, you can put this on your bucket list. Having a reasonable chance of fulfilling it as it appears space travel for non-professional astronauts will become a reality in the not so distant future! However, it may be expensive, at least at first, so save up!

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