5 Best Time Management Techniques - Why Time Management Is Important

Why time management is important and yet the most difficult thing to manage in this world. Time management determines whether you are going to be successful in anything you do or not. If you are poor in time management, chances are high that you are not going to succeed and if you are good in time management, you are most likely to succeed.

Time is, basically, the only resource in your life that you cannot get back, so valuing and optimising it properly is of utmost importance for the performance of your daily activities. Being able to do so will allow you to live a full life balancing your business and the things that make you happy in your daily life.

Most people do not see the need for proper time management. They just do their things at their own pace and at the end of the day; they haven’t accomplished what they needed to. 

Why Time Management Is Important

Everyone is given 24 hours a day and it will only depend on how well you organise yourself to accomplish a number of things within this time-frame. It is said, time is money and a waste of time is like a waste of life. So why is time management important?

Time Management Is Important

Time management techniques

The importance of having a proper time management

Proper time management makes you lead a quality life. It actually adds value to your life. This is more than time management. It’s all about being in good relations with time. When you manage yourself in the correct manner, you will be in a better position to do a lot of things that improves the quality of your life be it attaining better grades at school, making more money in your business or even getting more clients.

Effective time management also indicates that you have quality professional and personal skills. It is important for you to identify the most important thing that you need to accomplish within a given time frame. Attend to the most important ones and accomplish the rest later. At work, you need to be highly skilled on how you manage time. As a professional, you need to juggle more than two tasks before the end of the day and even at times; you are required to do them at the same time. It only takes an efficient time manager to stand this and if you weren’t born with this quality, you can always train yourself.

More benefits of time management to improve your life

Proper time management also brings about a peaceful and a balanced life. Often, when you’ve not finished the task that your boss assigned to you or your school homework or even an exam paper you feel uneasy. But if you accomplished your duties before deadline, you won’t get yourself worried over unfinished work, hence a peaceful and balanced life.

Another thing is that effective time management even gives you time to rest. You will find that people who are not good in time management end up working all the time because time catches up with them. Before they accomplish a duty, they are assigned another one. When you manage your time correctly, you will have enough time to rest or even go for a walk and hence avoid getting overwhelmed with work which causes stress.

It is therefore very important that you have a time schedule and stick to it. Your time schedule has to work well with you and if it doesn’t, you need to adjust it. Do away with time wasters. Be a master of your schedule and not vice versa.

To help you with time management, in this article we will show you why time management is important and we will give you a series of techniques that will allow you to take advantage of it in an efficient and productive way.
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Why is time management important?

Time Management Techniques

So-called time management refers to the way you organise and plan how much time you spend on specific activities. Spending more hours working does not mean being more efficient or productive. That is why proper time management at work, and in your personal life, is essential.

Its importance lies mainly in the fact that it helps you to be more productive and efficient, to achieve objectives in less time, and to obtain a better professional reputation. It is also one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, because if you do not manage your time, it is easy to end up feeling overwhelmed, scattered and lacking in concentration. When that happens, it can be difficult to determine how long it will take to complete a task. Once you learn to manage your time, stress and anxiety levels decrease significantly at work and you will probably feel more energised to tackle your daily tasks.

In short, we could say that time management is the key to success, as it allows you to become aware of and in control of your life, rather than following the flow of others’ lives. Managing time helps you to move forward in your life through the most sensible decisions and with a vision focused on what you really want to achieve.

The 5 best time management techniques.

Now that you know the importance of this skill, in this section I will show you 5 best known time management techniques that you can use today so that you can manage your time properly and efficiently.

1. The habbit of making lists

You will most likely never find a time management system that is not based on the making and using of lists. It is usually impossible for you to remember all the data you need to know in any given time in your memories. Keep in mind that you can make lists to organise a lot of things, and the number of lists you make, as well as their purpose, will depend entirely on you and your needs.

If you want to start implementing lists in your day-to-day life, you can use some of these as examples:

Needless to say, these lists are only examples, and you can use any listing system that you feel comfortable with.

It is recommended that you look for a listing system which you can implement for you and which you may use regularly.

2. Allocate your time to specific tasks or activities.

Time Management Techniques

Normally, you only allocate specific times of the day when you are meeting with others, either for productive activities or for fun. However, it may be a good idea to assign specific times on particular days for all activities in your work or business.

In doing so, the main goal is to have as little unassigned time as possible. By allocating your time in important and high-value tasks, you prevent other activities from occupying your time, so you become more productive.

3. Make good use of downtime.

Today, thanks to the Internet, we can bring our work everywhere. A seminar by a great speaker, any book, gather information on any subject – you can find almost everything on the web, through your iPad, smartphone, Kindle, and/or on CDs and DVDs. You can use YouTube to watch pets skiing or other funny videos. You can read on a subject that will help grow your business.

Another very interesting way to take advantage of downtime is by answering messages or calls.

4. Prioritise the most important tasks.

Time Management Techniques

According to the Pareto principle 20% of your time produces 80% of your business results, and the same goes if you work for an external company only.

If you want to prioritise your tasks, you will also have to make use of the lists mentioned above. To prioritise correctly, you need to list each of the tasks you perform in your day-to-day life. From this list, you will have to identify if these tasks belong to that 20% we mentioned (that is, if these tasks generate important results). If so, you are facing a task that must be prioritised.

The tasks that generate the most results are the ones that you should focus not only on starting, but, above all, finishing.

5. Delegate your time.

How To Be More Productive

Finally, this time management technique, is one that produces the fastest results.

If you want to manage your time efficiently to increase your productivity, you will have to get rid of the tasks that, due to the amount of time they consume, take you away from your goals. To do this, you can write down in a given week how many hours you spend on these types of tasks. You will most likely find that it is much more cost-effective, both in terms of time and money, to have these tasks done by someone else who specialises in them.

As you can see, why time management is important and should not be taken lightly, especially if you have major goals, whether in your business, work or personal life. We are sure that if you follow these 5 time management techniques, you will be able to achieve much greater productivity and efficiency.

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